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Vollenweider Exeter Farms, Inc., Welding, Exeter, MO

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Vollenweider Metal Works was founded in the fall of 2000. The business was founded based from the same skills used in a multi-generational owned apple orchard business. When the orchard was up and running, we used our own resources to service and fix equipment. This concept lead to the idea that if we are already fixing our own equipment as well as creating items that can further our productivity, why not then spin this concept into its own small business. The background knowledge incorporated into understanding machinery and welding made an active avenue to a completely new business.

Core values of this business include many characteristics such as loyalty, respect, and honesty. The first of which is loyalty. Our customers know that we care about them and are committed to completing the job at the highest quality possible. Our customers know that there is not a job that is to be taken lightly. We are dedicated to providing our customers with a complete person to person experience in our facilities. Honesty and fair prices are factors we use to let our customers know we respect them. Combining all of these qualities, we provide a business that is focused on the customer's needs and produce high quality products as a result.

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